Thursday, October 6, 2011

Wanxiang and Spire collaborate on PV module supply and calibration

ROCKFORD & BEDFORD, USA: Wanxiang New Energy, LLC, a US photovoltaic (PV) module manufacturer and supplier to the global solar module market, and Spire Corp., a global solar company providing capital equipment and turn-key manufacturing lines to produce PV modules, and Engineering, Procurement, and Construction (EPC) integration services for solar systems, have teamed together. Wanxiang will supply modules that will serve as reference standards for calibration of Spire’s industry-leading Spi-Sun Simulator.

Pin Ni, president of Wanxiang America, said, “Spire benefits by choosing Wanxiang as its supplier because of Wanxiang’s commitment to using quality materials and consistency of the finished product.” He also commented on how this relationship “…is proof that two companies, both manufacturing in the United States, can compete on a global scale.”

Roger G. Little, chairman and CEO of Spire,, said, “Calibration modules must be built to the most perfecting quality standards, and Wanxiang is quickly becoming a premier supplier of state-of-the-art PV modules and attendant technologies.”

He added: “In fact, Spire has utilized Wanxiang modules in our solar systems business, where we design, install, and maintain large-scale PV systems. Our success in this business is absolutely dependent on a reliable supply of high quality, high performance modules from reputable suppliers such as Wanxiang.”

“Spire is a top tier manufacturer of solar equipment and Wanxiang uses Spire’s equipment exclusively,” stated Brent Anderson, Operations Manager of Wanxiang’s Rockford, IL solar module manufacturing facility. “Combined with our high quality raw materials, Spire’s equipment permits us to manufacture the best solar modules on the market. For this reason, Spire can be assured that in return, they are getting the highest quality modules for both calibration of their Spi-Sun Simulators and for installation in their PV systems.”

One of Wanxiang’s first customers was Freedom Field of Rockford, IL. Chet Kolodziej, Freedom Field Project Manager, has closely studied and monitored the Wanxiang solar modules for over a year. He commented, “The performance of our 220 watt modules is far exceeding our expectations.”

Brett Robinson, president of Green-Circuit Inc., stated: “Over the last year, we have installed many of Wanxiang’s solar modules on our PV projects. We are happy to report that the modules have consistently performed as much as 10 percent over the nameplate rating. We have experienced first-hand the extraordinary cell and module matching performed during the manufacture of these products.”

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