Monday, October 24, 2011

Start of construction for Payom’s next solar power plant with a performance of 4.4 MW

GERMANY: Payom Solar AG is further pushing forward the expansion of the portfolio of solar power plants.

Thus, the construction of a free-field solar plant with a performance of 4.4 MW that shall be finished and put into operation until the end of the year has just begun in Oldenburg (Lower Saxony). The funds for the construction of the plant derive from the issue of the corporate bond. After completion and commissioning, Payom Solar AG then runs solar power plants with a capacity of about 6.4 MW.

As recently as August, two free-field plants with a volume of 2 MW were just put into operation in North Italy.

“As announced at the emission of the bond, we are step by step building up a portfolio of high-yield solar power plants in Europe and thus ensuring a continuous flow of income. In the coming weeks, we will develop further projects ready for construction, which will then be built in the first quarter of 2012” explains Daniel Grosch, chairman of Payom Solar AG.

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