Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Yingli Solar surpasses 2,000 MW of solar panel deliveries in Americas

BAODING, CHINA & SAN FRANCISCO, USA: Yingli Green Energy Holding Co. Ltd has surpassed two gigawatts (GW) of cumulative solar panel deliveries in the Americas. The more than six million Yingli Solar panels delivered are now generating electricity for more than 85,000 solar projects across the region.

"We're honored to reach this historic milestone, and thank our customers and stakeholders for making this possible," commented Robert Petrina, MD of Yingli Green Energy Americas. "The investments that we've made in building highly capable local teams allow Yingli to provide differentiated services to our sophisticated and fast-growing customer base."

Yingli estimates that more than 80,000 homes and 5,000 business and institutions in the Americas are energized by its high-quality solar panels. Its most popular product line, the YGE 60 Cell Series, is a versatile multicyrstalline solar panel suited for most solar applications, from off-grid systems to large-scale utility projects.

LG's AC solar module delivers max performance, installation flexibility

LAS VEGAS, USA: Led by new integrated, max-performing AC-powered solar modules, LG Electronics USA is exhibiting a host of solutions from the LG Mono X monocrystalline module series here this week.

At the Solar Power International (SPI) Expo 2014, LG is displaying new solar module upgrades, combining a new level of performance and flexibility for both home and business owners seeking lower utility bills and energy independence.

LG Solar headliners at SPI at the Las Vegas Convention Center include:
* Mono X ACe module, designed to maximize AC-power output and provide a new level of installation flexibility;
* Mono X NeON, which is among the lightest DC modules on the market at only 37 pounds; and
* Mono X Black, LG's iconic module incorporating higher efficiency and durability for convenient installation and an aesthetic interior.

"We recognize that solar panels give homeowners a path toward energy independence, while providing convenience and exceptional functionality," said Ellen Kim, senior VP, Energy Solutions, LG Electronics USA "Our carefully-designed solar panels aren't just about saving money, but allowing consumers to become a more sustainable member of society."

For the first time at SPI, LG is highlighting its solar charging and energy storage system (ESS) for electric vehicles. The first-ever Cadillac ELR electrified luxury coupe featured in LG's booth showcases how LG solar solutions provide cost-effective charging for homes and offices.

LG's ESS is a sleek, smart battery designed for solar panels and buildings, which pairs with inverters to convert the direct current from the solar panel into alternating current that can be used around the house both day and night to help make consumers' lives easier.

The alliance with Cadillac at SPI builds on LG's relationship with General Motors; LG Chem produces batteries for GM, while LG Electronics manufactures On-Star electronics for all GM vehicles.

As solar energy is predicted to grow globally at a gross rate of at least 20 percent, according to the 2013 US Solar Market Insights Report, LG continues to develop its solar products with consumers and businesses in mind, helping them lower their electricity costs, Kim said.

Sunpreme demos world's first 500W bifacial double glass module with an effective efficiency up to 22.2 percent

SUNNYVALE, USA: Sunpreme, a global solar photovoltaic company that designs and manufactures its own cells and panels, announced that it has demonstrated the world's first bifacial double glass module with a measured STC output of 503W.

With a 15 percent bifacial power boost, the effective panel wattage can be enhanced to 575W with an effective module efficiency of 22.2 percent. A second performance bonus comes from a record low thermal coefficient of module efficiency of 0.28 percent/C.

The product is designed to achieve an unsurpassed BOS (Balance of System) cost reduction for distributed power generation applications. The panel and IV flash data are on display at Sunpreme's booth at the Solar Power International14 (SPI) trade show being held in Las Vegas during the week of October 20, 2014.

Sunpreme's new 500W panel uses the same design and materials technology as its current line of Maxima GxB series. The underlying technology platform is Sunpreme's proprietary SmartSilicon® Hybrid Cell Technology (HCT) developed five years ago.

It is designed to maximize energy production in ground mount as well as tracker configurations. The proven construction consists of 156.75mm AFS cells sealed between two panels of tempered glass. With a frameless design, there is no need for grounding. Such innovative double glass modules have proven easy to install and maintain even when deployed at multi-MW volumes. The modules have demonstrated extremely robust reliability, with sleek see-through aesthetics and an excellent value.

CBD Energy's Westinghouse Solar unit delivers first US residential solar system

NEW YORK, USA: CBD Energy Ltd announced that its Westinghouse Solar unit has completed installation of the company's first US-based residential solar system.

The 5.86kW system, purchased via a 12-year loan with no money down, comes with a 20-year Westinghouse Solar warranty. The company estimates that this customer, located in Massachusetts, will realize approximately 33 percent energy cost savings.

Gerry McGowan, CBD Energy executive chairman and MD, stated: "We are very pleased to announce our first U.S. residential solar system installation, the first completion of our robust, growing pipeline. Local demand for our solar systems is strong and this is an important milestone as we enter the U.S. solar marketplace.

"Our customers will enjoy cost certainty and minimized impact of future energy price increases over the 25-plus year system life. Furthermore, our residential solar customers own their systems, which allows them to directly benefit from all of the government rebates, incentives and solar renewable energy certificates ("SRECs") associated with the system."

ET Solar supplies 5 MW PV modules to mining operation in Suriname

SAN FRANCISCO, USA: ET Solar Energy Corp. has supplied 5 MW polycrystalline photovoltaic modules to a leading mining operation in Suriname.

Upon completion, this solar power plant will substantially meet the demand for electricity of the facilities. ET Solar photovoltaic modules are proven to be one of the most reliable products globally in terms of quality, performance and linear product warranty. Additionally, backed by a technical support and service system available on a global basis, ET Solar is committed to providing fast and efficient responses to customer requests.

Dennis She, president and CEO of ET Solar, commented: "We are proud to have been involved in such an exciting and challenging project in Suriname. This is our first mining project in South America and we are very pleased to help minimize the energy cost and carbon emission of the mining operation."

ET Solar offers an attractive value proposition for the mining industry as the solar power plants require low capital expenditures, have short design and construction cycles, and offer speedy paybacks.

"Our engineering and business development teams are currently exploring several opportunities with various mining customers in the region for off grid hybrid systems. In Chilean market in particular, we are able to offer a basket of solutions and services, ranging from EPC to project co-development." he added.

Daetwyler Clean Energy and Exosun form alliance

HUNTERSVILLE, USA: Exosun, an expert in the design, development and supply of solar tracking systems for ground-mounted utility-scale solar power plants, and Daetwyler Clean Energy (DCE), a leading supplier of superior engineered ground mount and rooftop solar mounting solutions, have strategically partnered to provide a full range of best-in-class mounting and tracking solutions to elevate consumer awareness and make it even easier for their clients to achieve their financial goals from a single solar mounting provider in the United States.

Each company will provide the full range of mounting and tracking products while ensuring customers receive world class support.

"Simply put, different projects require different solutions," stated Bill Taylor, president and founding partner of Daetwyler Clean Energy. "We wanted to provide our clients the convenience of working with a single, trusted partner to source any of their mounting and tracking needs. With our commitment to R&D, and through our extensive due diligence process, we found the Exosun product to be a superior system. The simplicity, flexibly, operational cost, ease of installation and overall value is unmatched. We are truly proud to add this product to our extensive product catalog."

"We are delighted about this partnership with Daetwyler Clean Energy," commented Frédéric Conchy, president and CEO of Exosun, and inventor/co-inventor of more than a dozen international patents. "By combining our know-how in the solar utility-scale field, we will be able to offer our customers a complete range of innovative, high quality and cost-effective products, delivered with associated engineering support services and project management."

ModSolar intros ModSolar acquisition pipeline system (MAPS)

LAS VEGAS, USA: One of the rising stars of the solar industry, ModSolar, which is changing the solar industry by creating the software and processes that make the industry more efficient and effective, is introducing the ModSolar Acquisition Pipeline System - MAPS - this week in Las Vegas at Solar Power International.

SPI is the solar industry's most powerful, comprehensive educational conference and product exhibition.

"MAPS is a giant leap beyond traditional lead programs," said Mike Dershowitz, president and co-founder of ModSolar. "It is a turnkey 'hello to thank you' marketing automation system that provides everything a solar installer needs to survive in a world of 'Solar Goliaths,' and eliminates the industry's 60 percent leads problem in a neat, efficient and effective way never before seen in the solar industry."

MAPS has been designed by ModSolar to make the solar installer's life easier on a daily basis, enabling the installer to focus on installing solar systems, while relying on MAPS for lead generation.  MAPS delivers prospects that are worth the installer's time, and delivers personalized content-including a home's actual solar design- that goes well beyond the generic mailers common to the industry.  It also helps the installer build and nurture a steady pipeline of leads until the time is right.

ModSolar's new lead acquisition pipeline system, MAPS, gives solar installers access to a huge new target, Pre-Qualified Prime Prospects (PPPs).  PPPs are households that are qualified, up front, to be solar worthy.  Although PPPs are aware of solar, it hasn't been in their consideration yet.  MAPS is designed to make them aware that solar makes sense and dollars for them.  Powered by ModSolar's patent-pending technology MAPS locates, nurtures and converts PPPs into Qualified Leads.

ModSolar's platform is a cloud-based proposal generation system, which currently includes features such as ModSolar's patent-pending panel layout technology; energy usage and payback, which provides an instant analysis of customer return on investment; proposal generation; financing options; lead generation and qualification with lists of solar-ready homes with qualified owners; CRM integration; and custom software development. The ModSolar platform works for both homes and businesses.