Monday, April 22, 2013

Draft guidelines for selection of 750 MW new grid connected solar power projects under batch-I

INDIA: The Ministry of New and Renewable Energy, Government of India has added the draft guidelines for setting up of 750 MW grid solar PV power projects with viability gap funding (VGF) under the Jawaharlal Nehru National Solar Mission (JNNSM), Phase-II, Batch-I.

All concerned stakeholders are invited to send their valuable comments/ suggestions on the same by 30th April 2013 to facilitate finalization of the guidelines.

Selection of projects in the VGF scheme of Phase-II Batch-I
a) Based on the notification issued by SECI, the financial bid will be submitted separately by the developer. They will clearly indicate the per MW VGF required from SECI in Indian Rupees.

b) After financial bids are opened, these will be arranged in ascending order of per MW VGF. The lowest VGF bid will be identified and marked L1. The lowest bid without claim of AD will be identified and marked L1A.

c) Selection of projects for allotment will start from L1 and go up to the level where 750 MW is reached or L1A bid price plus 10 percent is reached, whichever is earlier. In case L1A bid price plus 10 percent is reached and 750 MW capacity does not get allotted then the bidders over L1A plus 10 percent will be given an offer to match L1A plus 10 percent within 15 days from the offer.

d) In case the bidders matching L1A plus 10 percent is more than the left out capacity, then the bidders having the lowest original bids will be allotted project till the capacity of 750 MW is reached.

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