Monday, April 8, 2013

IDS Solar reports more success with Solar Survivor

USA: IDS Solar Technologies Inc. reported more positive results from field testing of the Solar Survivor, the company's first portable solar power generator.

The Solar Survivor was initially offered as the company's entry-level battery-based electric power generator available to both households and businesses.

The report outlined how a Michigan based business that provides custom solutions for basements and property from flooding used the Solar Survivor to provide power to sump pumps over a prolonged period of time without interruption. The Solar Survivor was deployed in various residential and business locations under varying conditions during a three-week period and never failed.

The testing continues with various size batteries being interchanged with no impairment of results. Especially noted in the report was the ability of the Solar Survivor to renew its battery with electrical power from its solar panel while continuing to power the sump pumps during the day and night. The test demonstrated the Solar Survivor could provide renewable and sustainable power for routine and emergency application where traditional sources were problematic at best.

IDS stated that the report expanded its view of the Solar Survivor. Originally, the Solar Survivor was built to provide power at tailgate parties, to recharge cell phones and other hand-held devices, provide electricity for small refrigerators or fans on camping trips or at other remote locations from the beach to the mountains and everywhere in between.

It also provides portable power for areas where power from the grid is not readily available, and was developed to be a part of every home's emergency preparedness plan providing portable power for communication, lighting, and to avoid spoilage of food in refrigerators during a disaster or blackout.

The versatility of the Solar Survivor continues to expand as its reliability continues to be substantiated. These and other test results are being incorporated into the next product being released by the company sometime in May.

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