Monday, April 16, 2012

juwi provides EWEA in Copenhagen with breath of fresh air

COPENHAGEN/WORRSTADT, DENMARK: A wind of change goes through Europe. More and more states have understood the signs of the times and rebuild their energy supply. Instead of life-threatening nuclear power and filthy coal, they now use clean energy from renewable energies.

Wind energy is an essential part of this energy turnaround. “Wind energy, especially onshore wind energy, has a great economic potential. That’s what we focus on,” says Dr. Marie-Luise Pörtner, MD at juwi Wind GmbH. The subsidiary of the Wörrstadt-based project developer juwi presents its whole range of services at the trade show European Wind Energy Association (EWEA) in the Danish capital Copenhagen. From project development up to operational management, juwi Wind provides customers with widespread information at their 60-square-meter-long booth C5-B20.

In Germany, juwi’s core market, the devolution strategy has already been implemented
successfully. Now, the juwi group also intends to help establish this on a global level. That means that every juwi project on the globe is based on decentralized energy generation with a regional net value. “Our goal is a 100 percent renewable energies supply from a mix of solar power plants, wind turbines and bio gas plants based on the local conditions,” explains Dr. Frank Finzel, second managing director at juwi Wind GmbH.

Currently, the juwi group successfully uses this concept in projects in Germany, France, Poland, Costa Rica and the US. juwi Wind is already active in South Africa, Chile, Uruquay and Canada. There, the specialists for renewables from Wörrstadt work closely together with municipalities, regional energy suppliers and cooperatives as well as international companies and private customers.

The juwi group also anticipates a bright future for the so-called “Repowering”. It means that old wind turbines are replaced by new, more powerful wind plants. Thanks to the rapid technical progress of the last years, it is now possible to halve the number of wind plants and to increase the energy output by factor five at the same time. Higher towers, more powerful generators and an improved design of the rotor blades make this possible. juwi Wind offers very inexpensive turnkey solutions for Repowering, which also include the selling of the old plants.

“juwi also remains the investors‘ competent partner throughout service life,” emphasize Rolf Heggen and Thomas Albrecht, managing directors at juwi Management GmbH.

juwi Management GmbH is also represented at EWEA trade show. The experts from Rhine-Hesse offer commercial and technical management for wind parks all over the world and optimize the operators‘ yields with certified services in the area of upkeep and maintenance. juwi Management works with the latest technology and disposes of excellent know-how. An elaborate remote monitoring system via internet or mobile frequencies enables the experts to observe every single wind energy plant. Thus, idle times caused by disturbances and resulting yield deficits are reduced to a minimum.

“Since March 2012, our quality management system is certified under the DIN EN ISO 9001:2008 by Germanischer Lloyd,“ says Jens Weise, head of Sales, juwi Management. “Moreover, we are also a certified repair service for GFK-rotor blades since 2010.“

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