Friday, March 29, 2013

SOLON expands, providing solar energy solutions throughout North America

USA: SOLON Corp. has expanded across several growing solar markets in North America. SOLON’s team is focused on developing, designing, constructing, financing and servicing solar projects that meet the unique needs of utilities, businesses and public institutions.

With over 65MW of systems installed in Arizona, and nearly 100MW installed in the United States, SOLON is leveraging its success and experience in the Southwest, and aggressively growing its business in California, the Northeast, the Southeast and the Caribbean, as well as in federal sector opportunities across the country.

Characterized by their extensive expertise in the energy industry and in delivering integrated energy solutions, SOLON’s expanded team brings strong proficiencies in energy performance contracting, demand response, building energy retrofits, green building design, waste-to-energy solutions and various co-generation technologies, in addition to designing, developing, financing, constructing and servicing photovoltaic systems.

“We have gathered an esteemed group of energy industry and business veterans with the right expertise to meet the growing needs of customers as markets and policies evolve,” said Jared Schoch, VP and GM of Power Plants at SOLON. “With a local presence and regional support teams now established in current and near future grid parity markets, we are ready to provide freedom of choice to our customers with smart energy solutions.”

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