Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Council decision on 2030: Lacking ambition

BRUSSELS, BELGIUM: European Heads of State have agreed on a Climate and Energy framework for 2030 that includes a binding greenhouse gas emissions reduction target of at least 40 percent, a renewables target of at least 27 percent and an energy efficiency target of at least 27 percent.

“The renewables target is a very small step to support the enormous potential that solar and other renewables represent. It is still an important signal of political resolve to overcome the existing market barriers and the adverse national political contexts where some Member States have implemented retroactive measures for renewables,” stated Frauke Thies, EPIA Policy director.

“The ball is now in the Court of the new European Commission to build on this minimum target with a meaningful legislative framework and fair market conditions for renewables. Technologies like solar must be able to realise their full competitive potential and keep Europe on track for the much-needed energy transition,” concluded Thies.

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