Friday, August 29, 2014

ModSolar building OS for solar industry

USA:  ModSolar, which is changing the solar industry by creating the software and processes that make the industry more effective and efficient, announced today that it will be expanding Internationally, making their software available in Germany, Australia and the United Kingdom this summer.

The company that started with a total cash investment of $3,500 in 2011 has become an industry leader with no outside funding just three years later, after finding an unfulfilled need in a growing industry and taking the plunge.  ModSolar is based in the Philadelphia suburbs but has rapidly grown a national reputation as the innovative leaders in software and technology solutions for solar providers.

"We are pleased to announce that our software will now be available in Germany, Australia and the United Kingdom beginning later this summer," said Mike Dershowitz, president and co-founder of ModSolar. "These are the first International solar markets we are ready to serve, but they will not be the last, as we continue to refine and enhance the ModSolar platform with new features and additional options that will now not only impact the solar industry in the United States, but around the world."

ModSolar's software enables solar providers to produce solar proposals and contracts in less than five minutes, including the (patent-pending) placement of panels on an image of the prospect's roof, as well as the calculation of the return on the solar investment. ModSolar develops software that dramatically reduces the "soft costs" involved in solar sales, solar system design, production of high-quality solar proposals, and all the paperwork surrounding solar installations.

Currently, more than $25 million per day in solar proposals are being generated through ModSolar's software platform, representing an estimated five percent of the solar market in the United States. Hundreds of ModSolar users produce over 1,500 solar proposals each week.

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