Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Arizona innovator raises solar lotus through biomimicry

SCOTTSDALE, USA: Monarch Power announced the Monarch Lotus and unveiled the first prototype of the solar energy innovation. Dr. Joseph Hui founded Monarch Power after exploring ways to recharge his Tesla electric vehicle.

Later, after researching methods of powering his home and heating his pool, Dr. Hui turned to the world energy challenges in Africa, China, and some Middle Eastern countries. Dr. Hui's passion for improving the quality of life through clean energy living led to the innovation of the Lotus.

The four-meter-wide Lotus not only looks like nature's symbol of renewal but folds up the same as nature's version. In his research, Dr. Hui employs biomimicry, a design discipline that seeks sustainable solutions by emulating nature’s time-tested patterns and strategies. The new Lotus is capable of generating enough power (2 KW) and hot water for the average family. "As I have traveled through the less fortunate regions of the world, I felt compelled to use my research and the wisdom of nature to improve quality of life," said Dr. Hui.

Dr. Hui has throughout his professional and academic career pioneered innovations in many technology areas. As a holder or participant of dozens of patents, Dr. Hui has launched numerous business ventures with Monarch Power being the most recent.

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