Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Sunpreme demos world's first 500W bifacial double glass module with an effective efficiency up to 22.2 percent

SUNNYVALE, USA: Sunpreme, a global solar photovoltaic company that designs and manufactures its own cells and panels, announced that it has demonstrated the world's first bifacial double glass module with a measured STC output of 503W.

With a 15 percent bifacial power boost, the effective panel wattage can be enhanced to 575W with an effective module efficiency of 22.2 percent. A second performance bonus comes from a record low thermal coefficient of module efficiency of 0.28 percent/C.

The product is designed to achieve an unsurpassed BOS (Balance of System) cost reduction for distributed power generation applications. The panel and IV flash data are on display at Sunpreme's booth at the Solar Power International14 (SPI) trade show being held in Las Vegas during the week of October 20, 2014.

Sunpreme's new 500W panel uses the same design and materials technology as its current line of Maxima GxB series. The underlying technology platform is Sunpreme's proprietary SmartSilicon® Hybrid Cell Technology (HCT) developed five years ago.

It is designed to maximize energy production in ground mount as well as tracker configurations. The proven construction consists of 156.75mm AFS cells sealed between two panels of tempered glass. With a frameless design, there is no need for grounding. Such innovative double glass modules have proven easy to install and maintain even when deployed at multi-MW volumes. The modules have demonstrated extremely robust reliability, with sleek see-through aesthetics and an excellent value.

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