Monday, March 19, 2012

Xandex selects Aide solar panels for 60kW solar installation

PETALUMA & PHOENIX, USA: Xandex Inc. and Aide Solar announced that Xandex has selected Aide Solar 235W poly-silicon panels for the 60kW Phase 1 installation of a planned 100kW rooftop photovoltaic plant at its new facility in Petaluma, California. The selection is significant because it comes after the panels were evaluated at the outdoor Xandex Solar Laboratory.

“We selected the Aide Solar panels based on performance, appearance and price,” said Kevin Peebles, Xandex applications engineer designing the solar plant. “The black frame Aide Solar panels not only provide the sleek aesthetic we wanted for a very visible architectural feature of the building, but also give us the power per square foot we desired in order to maximize output of the array. After the final phase is complete, the system will offset over 20 percent of our annual electricity consumption and result in significant savings over the life of the system.”

Installation of the array will begin in April, with expected completion of Phase 1 in May of this year.

“We congratulate Xandex on their new facility,” said Raymond Wiley, director, Aide Solar USA. “We also applaud their decision to use a rooftop solar installation for energy cost savings, and are pleased that Aide Solar panels are playing a significant role.”

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