Tuesday, March 20, 2012

GT Advanced Technologies receives $12.6 million follow-on order from Zhejiang Shangcheng for ASF sapphire furnaces

MERRIMACK, USA: GT Advanced Technologies Inc. announced that it has received a $12.6 million follow-on order from Zhejiang Shangcheng Science & Technology Co. Ltd (Shangcheng) for additional ASF sapphire growth furnaces. The ASF furnaces will increase Shangcheng’s production capacity, which the company believes is needed to meet expected demand from the LED industry and other industrial applications.

“This follow-on order for our ASF furnaces demonstrates Shangcheng’s confidence not only in the robustness of our sapphire growth technology, but in the continued growth of the LED industry,” said Tom Gutierrez, GT’s president and CEO. “The winners in this industry will be the companies that are positioning themselves for the future by investing today in best-in-class technology that enables low cost production of high quality sapphire. Shangcheng has demonstrated the kind of leadership and technological expertise needed to prepare the company for long-term success.”

“The ASF furnaces we initially purchased are now qualified and already producing high quality ASF-grown material,” said Yuncai Wu, GM of Zhejiang Shangcheng. “Our manufacturing operations and technology teams worked closely with GT’s local sales, service and support teams to ensure a successful startup of our new sapphire production plant, which is demonstrated by the fact that we have already qualified our material by some top LED manufacturers at two, four and six-inch diameters. We are very grateful for the level of support GT has provided during the ramp up of our new plant.”

Shangcheng is a vertically integrated sapphire manufacturer producing boules, cores and wafers which it sells to LED manufacturers. The company also produces sapphire which is used in a variety of other industrial applications.

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