Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Rehm supports supply demands of VisionXC with production facility in Dongguan

CHINA: The VisionXC from Rehm Thermal Systems combines compact design with the best thermal performance, ensuring the best results are achieved for manufacturers across the globe. Launched earlier this year to worldwide industry acclaim the system is exclusively manufactured in Rehm’s production facility in Dongguan, China, which enables the company to meet and serve the demands of both the global and local market successfully.

Rehm have been developing a presence in China for a number of years and the decision to manufacture the VXC exclusively in China is indicative of their commitment to the region. Not only does the facility in Dongguan place Rehm closer to customers in order to improve lead times and the overall service offering, but it also delivers Chinese customers a significant competitive advantage, which European customers can now also take advantage of.

Rehm’s production facility in Dongguan is managed by an international management team, made up of staff from both Germany and China, who ensure that European standards are met. Therefore Rehm’s customers throughout the world can rest assured that the reflow soldering systems produced are to a high standard and fulfil the same quality criteria upheld at all of their production facilities.

The facility has also been officially recognised further for its quality by being awarded the TÜV Süd certification. The successful production processes are maintained by the well trained staff at the facility, as well as the proven and defined manufacturing processes, which have been directly transferred to replicate the tried and tested techniques from the production department in Blaubeuren, enabling a smooth production process to be achieved for all of Rehm’s customers.

The VisionXC produced at the Dongguan facility was launched in China 2011 and has met the requests of EMS service providers who wanted to produce smaller batch sizes for their customers; this has been enabled by providing manufacturers with a system that is cost effective but yet still responds to their high performance demands.

The system has reliable transportation, exceptional heat transfer and cost benefit advantages, which have been proven to be very successful with countless customers already using these systems in China and now the first systems are being sold to customers in Europe also. The VisionXC is also available with a reduced option package and can be adapted to the needs of individual service providers for ease of use.

Johannes Rehm, GM, commented: “We are committed to providing our customers with the best possible service and our Dongguan facility has allowed us to expand our presence and technology support for our customers in China. Rehm are thrilled to be officially recognised for the quality of our production facilities and we were delighted to be awarded the TÜV Süd certification, providing further evidence of our commitment to providing quality services.

“The production facility in Dongguan, China, enables us to exclusively produce and provide high quality VisionXC systems to the local market, which allows us to serve the immediate needs of these customers and also enables Rehm to provide the same high quality products not just in China but to the wider market also. We have made an exception for the VisionXC 422 air, which is due to be manufactured in the same way at our facility in Russia in the near future to enable us to serve the local market in this area as well.”

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