Monday, June 3, 2013

IDS Solar issues update on Solar Survivor generator

USA: IDS Solar Technologies Inc. announced its 2013 Summer product schedule noting an increase in production of its Solar Survivor from 45 units to 150 units.

The Solar Survivor was the company's first model, released earlier this year, and targeted for the consumer and residential market. The company also highlighted the new features that will be incorporated into the Solar Survivor while maintaining the product's economical value, stealth design, and "Earth-friendly" attributes. The Solar Survivor will continue to provide sustainable energy with no offensive odors or noise which fossil-fuel based generators are known for.

The company has received much feedback over the past few months from the Solar Survivor. Due to this product being in the field and utilized by consumers in various applications and circumstances including both test and real life situations, a flow of value-rich real time experiences have been shared with the company's product design team for this second phase of production of the Solar Survivor. This same information will be used as well for the other models of generators soon to be released by the company.

The Solar Survivor will be housed in a sleek Silver Tote with a telescoping handle, thus increasing the unit's portability, safety, and convenience of use. The components of the Solar Survivor will be encased underneath a fixed temper-hard protective cover that readily notes the power switch, charge input and output outlets, and charge indicator.

The Solar Survivor will continue to provide three AC outlets, a USB outlet, a 12V DC outlet, and a three-step charge indicator informing the user of the battery's capacity as well as a 45 Watt mono-crystalline solar panel with an easy connect cord providing solar harvested energy as well as having the convenience of recharging the battery directly from any AC plug at home or the office. Other similar units often offer solar panels as an optional feature if at all.

The Solar Survivor provides convenient odorless, quiet and sustainable energy for home, recreational and emergency use by consumers. It is through continued innovation and design that the Solar Survivor will continue to expand its uses that gas and diesel generators cannot venture due to space, noise or other safety restrictions.

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