Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Powerway products warranted by global liability insurance

CHINA: Powerway is a world leader in the solar industry; an experienced and respected manufacturer and exporter of PV mounting systems. Our company has extremely high standards of product control, and our systems are widely recognized by customers as reliable and safe over the long term.

Now, however, our groundbreaking company is spearheading another innovation and is backing up its proven performance with an insurance warranty that covers product liability for its systems. This coverage gives customers the security that no matter what happens in the future, the warranty will be supported by a third-party, A-rated insurance company.

The liability insurance
Powerway products are insured by product liability coverage issued by Pacific Property Insurance Co. Ltd, a highly reputable, investment-grade insurance company in China. The insurance indemnifies our clients against any amounts for which they may become legally liable due to our products, with respect to accidental bodily injury or illness to third parties.

Benefits to customers
The purpose of the Powerway liability Insurance program is to reduce the risks inherent in any solar investment and provide solar investors and customers of Powerway products with absolute confidence that their investment is sound and well-protected. The company is proud to have raised the bar once again by offering a solid liability guarantee to back up its already industry-leading products.

Additionally, the credit risk reduction provided by third-party insurance should allow project developers to negotiate better credit terms and obtain financing more easily.

Developers and their capital providers can rest assured that their investment will be protected with world-class, sophisticated, and complete liability insurance for the full term of the warranty. In order to fund projects and plan for the future, bankers and investors require extremely high standards of product and performance over the long term, and anything that reduces their risk can increase the potential for funding and improve the probability of project success.

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