Monday, June 3, 2013

Valentin Software presents new planning programs for PV and solar heating systems

GERMANY: Valentin Software is launching the first simulation programme that can simulate battery systems in grid-parallel operation realistically – PV*SOL advanced 6.0. The new version of the solar thermal programme T*SOL Pro, 5.5, will enable users to easily calculate yields for the use of solar thermal collectors.

With the dynamic simulation programme PV*SOL advanced 6.0, users can precisely calculate their own consumption from solar power plants, since the system does not only design photovoltaic power plants, but simulates the storage of electricity in the battery system as well. Unlike the previous programme PV*SOL Pro, the new programme can now import load profiles into resolutions by the quarter hour or even the minute. Furthermore, the programme can calculate the string line losses and issue AC and DC wiring losses per inverter.

More freedom when planning a PV plant
With PV*SOL advanced, as many module surfaces can be employed as desired and several inverters can be selected, which one can combine with each other as needed. In a matter of seconds, the programme, by automatically connecting the inverters, provides all of the useful combinations for a solar plant with up to 100,000 modules.

”With PV*SOL advanced, planners, architects and installers can show their customers directly what makes sense financially and in terms of energy use in spite of sinking feed-in tariffs”, explains the managing director of the Berlin-based software company, Gerhard Valentin.

As with all PV*SOL versions, PV*SOL advanced also has a comprehensive module and inverter data base with over 12,000 modules and around 2,800 inverters.

Substantial argumentation aid for solar heating systems
The software T*SOL Pro – for the simulation and optimisation of solar thermal systems – will be released during Intersolar Europe as the new version, 5.5. Thanks to the integrated imaging program, Photo Plan, collectors can be simulated on a customer’s roof in their real dimensions and represented photo-realistically.

One of the new features is an expanded economic efficiency forecast which includes a yield calculator. Annual savings and payments can now be balanced in a table and presented in a graph. In addition, the project report now displays solar proportions separately according to the share of warm water and heat.

Both product innovations are already available in German, English, French, Italian and Spanish, and PV*SOL advanced in Polish as well. As a service, Valentin Software is offering beginners’ webinars free-of-charge on a regular basis.

Helpful new app for data recording on location
In addition, Valentin Software will be presenting an app for smart phones at Intersolar, which will make recording data from roof orientation and pitch child’s play. An online calculation of the location-specific annual yield is included.

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