Monday, May 31, 2010

Wolfgang Lange joins Solar Frontier as MD for Europe

MUNICH, GERMANY: Solar Frontier, a 100 percent subsidiary of Showa Shell Sekiyu K.K. headquartered in Tokyo, announced that Wolfgang W. Lange has joined Solar Frontier Europe GmbH as its new Managing Director (Der Hauptgeschäftsführer) effective immediately.

Lange, an energy industry veteran, is currently setting up German operations, which will be based in Munich, Germany, and will then take responsibility for expanding into other European markets. He is also responsible for building the German team as well as the sales and marketing structure. Solar Frontier’s Germany subsidiary, Solar Frontier Europe GmbH, will serve as a hub office for all of Europe.

“We are excited that such an experienced and capable industry expert is heading up our European operations. Wolfgang has more than 20 years of experience in the oil and solar industries and we believe he is the right person to push Solar Frontier’s expansion forward in Europe,” said Brooks Herring, Director of International Business at Solar Frontier.

"Europe is an extremely competitive market in the renewable energy industry, guided by strong ecological values while demanding superior economic performance in the critical long term. Solar Frontier meets these requirements as a green company in a green industry - we do not use cadmium or lead, we use fewer materials in production, we have a shorter energy payback time, and our recycling process is easy and non-toxic.

"Moreover, CIS is best positioned today in the critical frame of cost versus efficiency, with the greatest potential for the future among the leading technologies. We are certain that Wolfgang and his team will bring our compelling products closer to customers in this vibrant market and make Solar Frontier’s expansion to Europe a success.”

"Joining Solar Frontier at this exciting time in its development was a great decision,” said Lange.

"The German solar marketplace is taking leadership in Europe and the investment Solar Frontier has made to bring on line a gigawatt of capacity is based on technology fundamentals that will be increasingly recognized as standard-setting in this level of sophisticated market. I am very much looking forward to making Solar Frontier a success here, and look forward to meeting members of the industry and media at the Solar Frontier pavilion at InterSolar 2010 from June 9-11 in Munich."

Wolfgang Lange is an energy industry veteran, having worked in the oil and solar industries for the past 20 years. He started his career in 1988 at the Shell Group, working in different management and marketing positions, including as Global Marketing Manager of Shell Retail London, where he was responsible for the unit’s worldwide marketing strategy.

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