Thursday, March 21, 2013

No risk of EU duties with WINAICO modules

GERMANY: Currently, the solar market is in great uncertainty about the availability and price development for Chinese modules. At the same time banks report about difficulties for capital grants.

"With products from WINAICO solar installers, investors and banks are on the safe side. We have already responded to the increased demand and ramped up our production," says Sascha Rossmann,
international sales director at WINAICO.

As more and more photovoltaic companies jumped on the bandwagon of market growth, WINAICO – in contrast to the Chinese approach of mass production – started its production with the aim of quality leadership. Therefore, very advantageous was the longtime experience of the parent company Win Win Precision Technology Co. Ltd on the field of semiconductor production.

"At no point Taiwanese PV module manufacturers were ever associated with any EU duties. Just like the European manufacturers we think that fair competition and sustainable solar energy for the EU are absolutely desirable. Furthermore, economically we can not afford to sell our products below the cost," Rossmann continues.

For its photovoltaic modules WINAICO only uses high‐quality components. Glass, EVA foil, frame, backsheet, junction box and solar tape are exclusively purchased from well‐known manufacturers that have a long experience on the market and ensure a high degree of quality assurance.

Due to the boom of the solar industry, more and more solar companies were founded all over the world, but especially in China. The associated development of production capacities led to an oversaturation of the worldwide photovoltaic market within the last two years. This development of production capacities in China was especially supported by credits from Chinese banks at extremely reduced rates of interest.

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