Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Affordable residential solar monitoring is here

USA: Heliotronics Inc. is redefining the economics of PV monitoring  and maintenance of residential PV systems through the introduction of the SunLoggerR revenue grade residential PV data monitoring system.

Homeowners will love being able to check the status of their solar array online with their own personal web portal.  Installers will appreciate a single, all inclusive turnkey package at one low price.

This revenue grade system takes recent commoditization of data acquisition hardware, a simple, appealing new web based display and leverages Heliotronics' mature data server back end to provide a reliable, powerful and economical turnkey package at an unprecedented price point. Available now, the SunLoggerR is ideally suited for systems feeding a 120/240Vac electrical service typical of residential sites.

Clayton Handleman, president of Heliotronics, said: "We had a breakthrough in cost reduction of our data logger platform while retaining the high quality on which we insist.  Our robust, highly scalable database and server platform have been proving themselves for years.  With those capabilities in place we realized we could alter the entry price point for residential monitoring making SunLoggerR the sensible choice for any residential installation."

The SunLoggerR turnkey system includes the meter, meter socket, logger, enclosure and a web portal at an exceptional price point.

The SunLoggerR turnkey systems have the features you expect for one all inclusive price. These include an ANSI C12.2 kWhr meter with accuracy class 0.5, a personal web page for the homeowner and 10 years of monitoring service.

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