Thursday, March 28, 2013

Solar Wind Energy Tower collaborates with Providence Energy on development of first downdraft energy tower

USA: Solar Wind Energy Tower Inc. is collaborating with Providence Energy Corp., a privately-owned company from Dallas, Texas, on the development of the first Solar Wind Energy Downdraft Tower located in San Luis, Arizona on the US/Mexico border.

The Solar Wind Energy Downdraft Tower will provide clean renewable energy at a cost more favorable than nuclear plants with no negative impacts to our planet.

Providence Energy is a nationally recognized leader in clean and environmentally friendly development of domestic oil and gas resources and has been investing in the generation of diversified sources of alternative energy for several years. Providence currently owns and manages over 4 million net mineral acres in 34 states with royalty and working interests in over 20,000 producing wells.

Providence is primarily focused on unconventional oil and gas formations and has a strong presence in nearly all major basins across the country, but has invested substantially renewables over the past decade. The company has both invested in the R&D of innovative green technologies and also been actively developing renewable generation projects across the Americas.

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