Wednesday, October 22, 2014

ModSolar intros ModSolar acquisition pipeline system (MAPS)

LAS VEGAS, USA: One of the rising stars of the solar industry, ModSolar, which is changing the solar industry by creating the software and processes that make the industry more efficient and effective, is introducing the ModSolar Acquisition Pipeline System - MAPS - this week in Las Vegas at Solar Power International.

SPI is the solar industry's most powerful, comprehensive educational conference and product exhibition.

"MAPS is a giant leap beyond traditional lead programs," said Mike Dershowitz, president and co-founder of ModSolar. "It is a turnkey 'hello to thank you' marketing automation system that provides everything a solar installer needs to survive in a world of 'Solar Goliaths,' and eliminates the industry's 60 percent leads problem in a neat, efficient and effective way never before seen in the solar industry."

MAPS has been designed by ModSolar to make the solar installer's life easier on a daily basis, enabling the installer to focus on installing solar systems, while relying on MAPS for lead generation.  MAPS delivers prospects that are worth the installer's time, and delivers personalized content-including a home's actual solar design- that goes well beyond the generic mailers common to the industry.  It also helps the installer build and nurture a steady pipeline of leads until the time is right.

ModSolar's new lead acquisition pipeline system, MAPS, gives solar installers access to a huge new target, Pre-Qualified Prime Prospects (PPPs).  PPPs are households that are qualified, up front, to be solar worthy.  Although PPPs are aware of solar, it hasn't been in their consideration yet.  MAPS is designed to make them aware that solar makes sense and dollars for them.  Powered by ModSolar's patent-pending technology MAPS locates, nurtures and converts PPPs into Qualified Leads.

ModSolar's platform is a cloud-based proposal generation system, which currently includes features such as ModSolar's patent-pending panel layout technology; energy usage and payback, which provides an instant analysis of customer return on investment; proposal generation; financing options; lead generation and qualification with lists of solar-ready homes with qualified owners; CRM integration; and custom software development. The ModSolar platform works for both homes and businesses.

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