Thursday, October 9, 2014

WindStream launches on-demand renewable energy platform -- MobileMill

NORTH VERNON, USA: WindStream Technologies Inc. is now offering its unique mobile product, the MobileMill to customers around the world.

This new technology combines the company's patented SolarMill technology with additional means of energy generation in a compact, portable, stand-alone energy platform that has a wide range of uses.

Drawing energy from wind and solar resources the MobileMill ensures that the stored system will stay charged by offering a generator and grid-tied energy as a backup. From a customized vehicle, solar panels and wind turbines deploy in under 60 seconds, powering computers and communication equipment while storing energy on-site for an uninterrupted 24-hour power supply.

Originally designed and developed for the Indiana Department of Homeland Security (IDHS), the MobileMill is a renewable energy platform that features rapid deployment and operation, extreme energy efficiency and redundant power generation.

To meet customer needs, the MobileMill will be available in a variety of configurations, with generation capability between 3kW and 8kW, a scalable battery array for energy storage, and required peripherals, such as laptops, communication devices, task lighting, and device charging.

Key decision makers for the First Responder community in the United States have expressed enthusiasm for our unique product. When disaster strikes and vital infrastructure is destroyed or disrupted, the MobileMill allows First Responders to provide crisis management services and medical aid in minutes, not hours, resulting in better coordination of rescue efforts and potentially saving lives.

WindStream representatives have presented the MobileMill to decision makers in the Philippines, India, Malaysia and Japan, all of whom have shown excitement about the technology.

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