Monday, May 13, 2013

AEG Power Solutions intros modular PV inverter for US commercial apps

USA: AEG Power Solutions has introduced the new modular photovoltaic (MPV) solar inverter, with leading-edge power electronics in a transformerless, modular design.

Engineered for optimum efficiency and availability, the three-phase, transformerless central inverters deliver efficiencies greater than 97 percent in a compact, lightweight modular package. Made in America and built in units of 15 kW, they scale economically from 15 kW to 150 kW, making them perfect for commercial installations.

“AEG Power Solutions is pleased to introduce the broadest inverter product line for commercial solar installations,” said Susan Wynne, MD of North America for AEG PS.

“By offering 10 models ranging from 15kW to 150kW, customers will not have to overinvest in inverters that are too large for their needs. With our advanced technologies, the MPV inverter delivers increased efficiency and reliability to the commercial solar inverter market.”

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