Friday, May 10, 2013

ZBB Energy receives follow-on orders for ZBB EnerSystem from Lotte Chemical

USA: ZBB Energy Corp., a leading developer of intelligent, renewable energy power platforms and hybrid vehicle control systems, announced that it has received two follow-on orders from Lotte Chemical in South Korea, for a ZBB EnerSystem.

It consists of five ZBB EnerStore flow batteries, totaling 250 kWh, and a ZBB EnerSection power and control center that connects the flow batteries and PV solar arrays to the AC grid via a 125 kW grid-tie inverter. In addition, Lotte has placed an order for three EnerStore modules in unassembled kit form that will be used to conduct assembly training.

As previously announced, Lotte Chemical Company, a diversified producer of petrochemicals and advanced synthetic resins, has partnered with ZBB Energy to refine the materials and manufacturing process for ZBB Energy's next generation, V3 battery in module sizes of 50kWh up to 500kWh.

With Lotte's position in the plastics supply chain and its strong research capability, it is expected the companies will quickly develop the capacity for global scale production. Joint development efforts call for systems to be shipped and tested at development labs in South Korea along with a site that will integrate the EnerStore battery as part of the Korean Smart Grid Project.

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