Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Ascent Solar launches retail presence in Colorado

USA: Ascent Solar Technologies Inc. announced the launch of the company’s retail presence in Colorado.

Ascent began operations at Denver International Airport (Concourse B) as well as multiple locations around the Denver metropolitan area; including Boulder, Aurora and the world famous Red Rocks amphitheatre. These new retail locations bring Ascent closer than ever to a diverse and educated group of consumers in its home state of Colorado.

The introduction of the EnerPlex series of products has revolutionized the thin-film marketplace; with the Surfr line of solar and battery integrated phone cases, as well as the Kickr line of portable solar chargers, the EnerPlex series allow consumers to interact with solar technology in ways never before possible.

The addition of the Jumpr line-up of portable batteries now enables consumers to have a complete, integrated, solar charging and storage solution for life on the go.

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