Thursday, May 30, 2013

Vacon starts manufacture of solar inverters in India

INDIA: Global AC drives manufacturer Vacon has begun the production of its inverters for solar power generation in the company's factory in India.

The final assembly operations of solar inverters were commenced at Vacon's facilities in Bangalore during the month of April this year. Vacon inaugurated a new factory in Bangalore, India, at the end of 2011.

Vacon's solar inverters, rated from 10 to 1,200 kW, are cabinet-installed systems, and they are based on Vacon's state-of-the-art AC drive technology. Vacon's factory in Bangalore manufactures products available for the power ranges of 10 to 200 kW and 1,000 kW, and their primary market area is India.

"The Indian market for solar power is growing rapidly and is, at the same time, rather demanding. Expanding the production of solar inverters to India allows us primarily to achieve prompt and cost-effective delivery times. In addition, we can better meet the local demand," says Jari Marjo, Vacon's product marketing director for solar energy.

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