Thursday, May 9, 2013

Suniva announces manufacturing capacity expansion and new jobs at Norcross HQ

USA: Suniva, Inc. announced that it will be hiring 48 new employees in both supervisory and line positions to meet its growing manufacturing needs.

Suniva, a US manufacturer of high-efficiency crystalline silicon solar cells and modules, is expanding its module assembly operations at its Norcross, GA headquarters, increasing its capacity for Buy America Act compliant modules. Module assembly operations will soon ramp up to 24/7 operations.

“Demand for Suniva’s high-efficiency solar products has produced unprecedented sales bookings in Q1,” said Greg Mihalik, VP of manufacturing and operations for Suniva. “And we are currently sold out of capacity for Q2. It’s exciting and extremely satisfying to know that our high-quality and high-power solar modules are so well-received by our customers and distributors. Our success depends on our people, and we are looking for excellent candidates to join the Suniva team.”

Suniva’s module operations are also responsible for quality, environmental and certification testing, to ensure maximum power output and long-term reliability. The company’s testing and materials qualifications consistently exceed industry certification requirements.

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