Wednesday, May 22, 2013

tenKsolar announces availability of rooftop RAIS XT solar PV solution

USA:  tenKsolar (tenK) announced the general availability of its polycrystalline silicon 410W RAIS XT solar photovoltaic (PV) system with industry leading warranty, performance and cost of energy.

"We have worked to address every shortcoming of commercial scale rooftop solar," said tenK founder and CTO Dallas Meyer. "Generating up to 44 percent more energy per roof than typical rooftop solar systems, the RAIS XT delivers unmatched value and performance."

RAIS XT is based on tenK's cell-optimized photovoltaic (PV) architecture, which removes the inherent limitations of serial strings found in conventional solar modules. "Failure modes and risks of conventional solar modules including hot spots, potential induced degradation and high voltage arcs are rendered impossible with tenK's technology," continued Meyer. "And, with our newly published energy production study, the data clearly backs up the tenK advantage."

tenKsolar has published a long term energy production survey (available at for locations installed with current RAIS PV systems around the US demonstrating 25 percent to over 30 percent more energy production per rated watt versus conventional solar arrays in the same location.

In addition, tenK offers world-class reliability advantages due to cell independence inside the module. RAIS XT provides leading buyer protection with the industry's best warranty - guaranteeing annual performance degradation of 0.2 percent or less per year after the first year and through year 25.

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