Tuesday, May 21, 2013

IDS Solar Technologies' power storage control system nears launch with completion of circuit board design

USA: IDS Solar Technologies Inc. announced the completion of its circuit board design for its feature-rich integrated battery management and charge controller system. These designs have been sent to fabrication of the circuit boards bringing the product line closer to its launch in the third calendar quarter.

The next phase is iterative testing including industry standards for multiple loads, environmental conditions, and charge levels.

Some optional features of the storage systems include a theft prevention motion sensor, a TFT LCD display panel, an integrated BMS and charge controller allowing rapid charging, a USB port allowing external control through a computer or Smartphone, a wifi-hotspot allowing internet access during power outages, and a proprietary communication protocol networking battery units for improved charge and discharge management.

"We're very pleased to have completed this critical design phase and to be able to proceed with the testing program of this uniquely configured product," stated VP of R&D, Randy Sindelar. "We anticipate release of the ten fully tested and optimized prototypes by the end of June."

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