Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Granola Strolla's solar charger keeps you connected

MEMPHIS, USA: Granola Strolla founders Ben and Irene Rodda have created a solar powered, environmentally-friendly device that powers almost any USB device as fast as a wall charger. The lightweight, water-resistant Granola Strolla converts power from the sunlight and stores the solar power in its Lithium Iron Phosphate battery. It even charges indoors and on cloudy days.

The parents of two young children, the Roddas call themselves an environmentally conscious, one-car, two-geek family. Like most Americans, they wouldn't dare be unplugged from their electronic devices. That is why the couple decided to come up with a product to make sure they can check the weather, traffic, or search for a new place to eat whenever they want, without being tied to the wall with a traditional charger.

A Kickstarter campaign is now underway for the Granola Strolla Portable Solar USB charger. The company has until October 12, 2014 to meet its goal of $20,000. Money is being raised to make minor changes to the 3D design so it is easier to manufacture. As well as for the molds to be created and parts to produce the device.

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