Thursday, September 4, 2014

LG Electronics USA and Borrego Solar join forces

ENGLEWOOD CLIFFS, USA: LG Electronics USA has joined forces with solar industry leader Borrego Solar Systems Inc. to significantly expand the presence of LG's high-efficiency solar modules in the US commercial market.

Under the agreement, LG will supply 24 megawatts (MW) of its popular Mono X series solar panels, led by the award-winning LG Mono X NeON modules, through 2015 to Borrego Solar, which will sell to the commercial sector as an LG preferred strategic commercial integrator in North America.

The collaboration aligns with the market's maturation and the move toward higher efficiency products in the commercial sector, while bringing North American customers the greatest value and highest quality photovoltaic (PV) modules on the market. The agreement also adds a greater number of LG Electronics' bankable products to Borrego Solar's portfolio.

LG's Mono X series modules lead the way in solar panel quality and reliability. The Mono X NeON modules, which already have exceptional market traction, are among the lightest modules on the market, delivering high-efficiency output of up to 305 watts with 18.6 percent module efficiency. The Mono X NeON produces energy from both the front and back, which raises cell efficiency.
Through new semiconductor technology application for doping and surface treatment processes, cell imperfections have been minimized while uniformity has been maximized, resulting in the Mono X NeON's 21 percent increase in cell efficiency.

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