Tuesday, September 30, 2014

REC launches high-performance TwinPeak series solar panels for major rooftop markets

MUNICH, GERMANY: REC, the largest European supplier of solar products worldwide, announced that it will begin production of a new high-performance solar panel.

The REC TwinPeak Series, which was introduced this week at REC's annual European Partner event in Munich, will be rated up to 275 watt peak (Wp), resulting in 17 percent panel efficiency and targets rooftops in the growing residential, commercial, and industrial markets.

Based on an innovative design that provides more power output per square meter, the new panel features 120 half-cut multicrystalline cells, four bus bars, passivated emitter rear cell (PERC) technology, and a split junction box. Together, these technologies enhance power output by around 10 Wp per panel.

Like all REC products, the REC TwinPeak Series is 100 percent free from potential induced degradation, avoiding power losses even in the harshest conditions and environments in terms of high temperatures and humidity. Production and initial shipments of the REC TwinPeak Series panels will begin in Q1 2015.

Splitting the junction box into three separate units enables the ground-breaking new layout of the REC TwinPeak Series, while also reducing heat build-up and bolstering panel reliability.

Further, the half-cut cells -- which are manufactured by laser cutting standard-sized cells in half -- result in a reduction of resistive losses and a higher fill factor. The PERC architecture improves the light absorption of the cell, boosting overall performance, and the addition of a fourth bus bar increases the flow of current, improving efficiency and reliability.

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