Friday, September 12, 2014

Solar3D announces battery storage solutions for solar energy systems

ROSEVILLE, USA: Solar3D Inc., a leading solar power company and the developer of a proprietary high efficiency solar cell, announced that its SUNworks division is now offering "Battery Storage Systems" with its solar electric systems for customers seeking solar power solutions optimized for increased cost efficiency and reliability.

SUNworks previously announced its entry into the battery storage market through a solar implementation project with Jackson Family Wines in Santa Rosa, CA.

Although not yet ideal for every solar system owner, battery storage will play a significant role in energy levelization and system outage protection. Drawing energy from the power grid during peak hours is extremely expensive, even just for a little bit of energy. The premise behind a battery storage system is that when rates are at peak pricing during the day, the system owner can draw from the battery storage unit instead of from the grid, then pull from the grid again as rates go down.

The battery storage unit can also be recharged during "off peak" pricing thus levelizing the cost of energy even further. In addition, when the "grid" goes down, these battery storage units act as backup power, keeping necessary appliances and electronics running.

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