Tuesday, May 7, 2013

114 Sunny Central CP XT inverters in Europe’s largest thin-film PV power plant

GERMANY: Equipped with 114 Sunny Central 900CP XT inverters from SMA Solar Technology AG (SMA), Europe’s largest thin-film PV power plant was commissioned in Templin, Brandenburg/Germany.

Due to their advanced grid management functions, SMA Sunny Central inverters were deemed the best choice for the 128 MWp project and its goal of providing renewable energy to the greater Berlin area.

“Sunny Central 900CP XT devices with integrated Q at Night feature for reactive power provision are the ideal inverters for the nearly 1.5 million thin-film PV modules installed in Templin,” says Anja Marcinczik, Global Account Manager responsible for the project at SMA.

The SMA Sunny Central CP XT inverter has already been capable of producing leading or lagging reactive power at any time during regular feed-in operation. Now, thanks to the innovative Q at Night feature, it can do so at night or during idle feed-in operation as well. This is particularly important when power plants like the one in Templin generate large amounts of leading reactive power that has to be compensated.

Not only do they obviate the need for additional compensation systems and thus reduce costs, SMA central inverters, when combined with intelligent plant control systems in modern PV power plants, can also help improve the stability of the electricity grid and enable the further expansion of renewable energy.

“The main challenge with large-scale PV power plants such as Europe’s biggest thin-film PV power plant is not only to ensure grid stability but also stable system operation,” explains Dr. Jürgen Reinert, SMA executive VP, Technology.

“SMA not only provides robust, high-performance Sunny Central inverters and system technology components for these PV power plants, but also offers system solutions ranging from DC to medium voltage specifically designed for maximum availability in photovoltaic projects. These solutions ensure maximum yield and availability. As technology and global market leader, we strive to promote technological development with a focus on critical issues such as additional yield maximization, cost reduction and grid integration.”

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